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Cincinnati Enquirer > 3 officers, 4 deaths and a host of questions 01/19/17

Cincinnati Enquirer > Enquirer investigates: No charges/discipline in 18 killings by Cincinnati police since ’10 01/18/17

CityBeat > Unrest in OTR: 15 Years Later. What’s changed — and what hasn’t 04/05/16

Cincinnati Enquirer > City on Bones death: Officers’ actions contributed to his death 08/01/15

Fox 19 > Cincinnati, 4 police offers and Estate of David “Bones” Hebert settle civil rights action 08/01/15

WCPO 9 on your side > Settlement reached over police death of Northside musician David ‘Bones’ Hebert 07/31/15

Cincinnati Enquirer > Bones settlement ‘about clearing his name’ 07/31/15

Cincinnati Enquirer > Cincinnati settles in ‘Bones’ death for $187,500 07/31/15

WXIX Fox 19 > Police charged in crash cover-up plead not guilty 07/16/15

WXIX Fox 19 > Officers charged in crash, cover-up include sergeant who killed “Bones” 07/08/15

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officers charged in crash involving sergeant who shot ‘Bones’ 07/07/15

CityBeat > Officers Charged with Covering Up Accident for Controversial Cop: Sgt. Andrew Mitchell, involved in the 2011 shooting of David “Bones” Hebert, was allegedly removed from crash scene by other officers 07/07/15

CityBeat > Continuing Tension Family and community search for answers after the police shooting of 22-year-old Quandavier Hicks in Northside 06/17/15

Cincinnati Enquirer > Tuesday’s killing by police the 21st since 2001 06/12/15

WCPO 9 on your side > Northside eager for answers after fatal shooting 06/10/15

WCPO 9 on your side > Northside officer-involved shooting: Suspect killed after struggle with police, Blackwell says 06/10/15

CityBeat > Police shoot 22-year-old in Northside; streetcar stalemate looms; CPD chief, city manager unveil anti-violence plan 06/10/15

Rawstory > ‘He is drunk as hell, ma’am’: Cincinnati cops charged in cover-up of crash involving controversial officer 06/08/15

WKRC Local 12 > I-75 Protestors will spend weekend in jail 11/27/14

Vox > How body cameras could change police 10/06/14

Cincinnati Enquirer > What happens when officers use deadly force? 02/21/14

City Beat > Circumstantial Evidence 12/04/13

CATO Institute > National Police Misconduct Reporting Project 04/23/13

Cincinnati Enquirer > Letter to the Editor: No surprise shooting is still controversial 04/24/13

Cincinnati Enquirer > Wrongful death suit expanded in ‘Bones’ shooting: Officers, city added as defendants 04/18/13

City Beat > David “Bones” Hebert Wrongful Death Lawsuit Expanded: Two-year anniversary prompts inclusion of city of Cincinnati, three more CPD officers 04/18/13

AP > Suit over death expanded against Cincinnati police 04/18/13

WLWT News 5 > Officers, city added to ‘Bones’ Hebert wrongful death lawsuit Man shot, killed by police during confrontation 04/18/13

WCPO 9 on your side > Estate of man killed by CPD cop expands wrongful death suit: Expanded to include 3 additional officers and city 04/18/13

WXIX Fox 19 > Estate of man killed by CPD expands wrongful death suit 04/18/13

WKRC Local 12 > Lawsuit Expands in Northside Man’s Shooting Death 04/18/13

WXIX Fox 19 > Estate of man killed by CPD cop files suit 04/18/12, updated 04/19/12

WKRC Local 12 > Lawsuit Filed In Shooting Death Of David “Bones” Hebert 04/18/12

Cincinnati Enquirer > ‘Bones’ family sues police over fatal shooting 04/18/12

WCPO 9 on your side > Cincinnati Police Sgt. sued over fatal Northside shooting 04/18/12

WLWT News 5 > Lawsuit Filed On Anniversary Of Musician’s Death 04/18/12

City Beat > Estate of David “Bones” Hebert Files Wrongful Death Suit 04/18/12

Cincinnati Magazine > Salvaging Bones 04/17/12

Salvaging Bones

Cincinnati Enquirer > Reports: Cops came too close in killing of David ‘Bones’ Hebert 04/17/12

Cincinnati Enquirer (print edition) > Did “Bones” need to die? 04/17/12

City Beat (print edition) > Your Voice: Getting to the Truth 09/28/11

City Beat > Digging Up Answers for Bones 09/14/11

City Beat (print edition) > Digging Up Answers for Bones 09/14/11

Cincinnati Herald > Prosecutor rules officer’s use of force in Northside shooting justified  09/03/11

WXIX Fox 19 > Friends of “Bones” hold silent march at City Hall 08/24/11

WLWT News 5 > Prosecutor: Officers Won’t Be Charged In Musician’s Death 08/23/11

WXIX Fox 19 > Prosecutor: Shooting of David Paul “Bones” Hebert was justified 08/23/11

City Beat > Remembering Bones 07/06/11

Streetvibes (print edition) > Northside Community Seeks Justice for Shooting of Local Musicial 06/24/11

Streetvibes > Northside Community Seeks Justice for Shooting of Local Musician 06/23/11

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officer involved ‘Bones’ shooting was sued for Taser incident 05/23/11

WKRC Local 12 > Sergeant in police shooting previously disciplined 05/??/11

City Beat > Bands for Bones 05/23/11

City Beat > A Shot in the Dark 05/04/11

City Beat (print edition) > A Shot in the Dark 05/04/11

WLWT News 5 > Friends March For Man Killed by Police 05/02/11

City Beat > David “Bones” Hebert Memorial – Photo Gallery – City Beat 05/01/11

Cincinnati Enquirer > Friends Plan March in Hebert’s Memory 04/28/11

WLWT News 5 > Friends of Man Shot by Police Ask City Hall for Answers 04/27/11

Cincinnati Enquirer > Friends of David Hebert Pack City Council (Video) 04/27/11

Cincinnati Enquirer > Friends of ‘Bones’ Pack Council (Gallery) 04/27/11

Cincinnati Enquirer > Friends of Northside man killed by Cincinnati police pack council 04/27/11

WCPO 9 on your side > Northside Residents Seek Answers in Cincinnati Police Shooting 04/27/11

Cincinnati Beacon > Friends of David “Bones” Hebert pack council chambers, demand independent investigation 04/27/11

WLWT News 5 > Officer Accused In Fatal Shooting Sued In Separate Case: Suit Claims Officer Violated Man’s Civil Rights In Robbery Investigation 04/24/11

Cincinnati Herald > Local musician fatally shot by police 04/23/11

WCPO 9 on your side > Cruiser Cam, 911 Call of Officer-Involved Shooting in Northside Offer Few Answers 04/22/11

The Portland Mercury > Portland Drummer Shot By Cincinnati Police 04/21/11

WLWT News 5 > Police Shoot, Kill Local Musician in Northside 04/21/11

Cincinnati Enquirer > Lack of Video Complicates Cop Shooting Probe 04/21/11

WLWT News 5 > Coroner: ‘Bones’ Intoxicated At Time Of Shooting 04/20/11

WCPO 9 on your side > Autopsy Report On Man Shot, Killed by Police in Northside Released 04/20/11

WXIX Fox 19 > Coroner: Man Shot by Police in Northside Was Intoxicated 04/20/11

Drummerzone > Local drummer shot by police 04/19/11

WLWT News 5 > Community Seeks Answers After Man Shot, Killed By Police 04/19/11

WXIX Fox 19 > Cincinnati Police kill suspect in shooting Monday morning 04/19/11

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police: Shooting Victim Lunged at Officers 04/18/11

Cincinnati Enquirer (print edition) > Police shoot, kill man with knife: ‘Free spirit’ sometimes lived and worked in Northside. Friends speak out.

WLWT News 5 > Officer Shoots, Kills Armed Man in Northside 04/18/11

WLWT News 5 > Officer Shot, Killed Armed Man 04/18/11

WLWT News 5 > Police News Conference on Northside Shooting 04/18/11

WLWT News 5 > Friend’s Shocked By Musician’s Shooting By Police 04/18/11

WCPO 9 on your side > Man Killed in Police Shooting in Northside 04/18/11

WCPO 9 on your side > Cincinnati Police Defend Sgt.’s Fatal Shooting of Suspect in Northside 04/18/11

WCPO 9 on your side > Man Shot, Killed by Police in Northside Identified 04/18/11

City Beat > Taser Use Prompts Lawsuits: Some police use weapons on nonviolent suspects 01/04/11


Esquire Magazine > Meet the Crusties, January 1994


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