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Cincinnati Police Complaints 2009 – Mid 2015

Full Data Set: All cases and names (3,477 rows)

Cincinnati Police Complaints 2010-2015

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Citizen Complaint Authority Investigative Summaries

Cincinnati Police Base Salary Data

2014 Cincinnati & Hamilton Co. Salaries

2013-14 University of Cincinnati Salaries

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2012 Cincinnati Police and Law Salaries

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Riot and Reform

WCPO 9 on your side > Ten Years Later: A Changed City?

Cincinnati Enquirer & Post > Matters of Race

Cincinnati Enquirer > Cincinnati 2001: A Year of Unrest

ACLU > The Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement

The City of Cincinnati > Collaborative Agreement


News Media

CityBeat > Unrest in OTR: 15 Years Later. What’s changed — and what hasn’t 04/05/16

BBC > The US police chief fighting to end racial tension 05/23/15

Business Week > It Takes More Than the Feds to Fix a Broken Police Department 12/11/14

Marshall Project > Cincinnati: Ferguson’s Hope or Hype? 11/25/14

Local 12 WKRC Cincinnati > Cincinnati councilwoman rides along with local police 11/06/14

City Beat > Circumstantial Evidence: Malfunctioning police cameras raise more questions than answers 12/04/13

WCPO > Orlando Smith: Natalie Cole’s attorney says he will sue Cincinnati cop over crash, missing video 11/14/13

WXIX Fox 19 > Police cameras at center of looming lawsuit 11/14/13

WXIX Fox 19 > Dash cams shutting down on cruisers across Cincinnati 11/13/13

WLWT Channel 5 > Forensic analysis to be done on police cruiser that hit woman in OTR 11/12/13

WCPO > Cincinnati Police Officer Orlando Smith exceeded speed limit by 20 mph, apparently violating policy 11/10/13

City Beat > The Unexpected Death of Jeremy Ramundo: Thirty-two-year-old shot by police in Clifton was mild-mannered, acquaintances say 07/25/13

Fox 19 > New details on deadly officer-involved shooting in Clifton 07/25/13

National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, CATO Institute > The Case of Officer Julian Steele 06/20/13

USA Today > Tiny uniform cams next big thing in policing: Effective but expensive tool could bust some police budgets. 05/07/13

Cincinnati Enquirer > Tiny uniform cams next big thing in policing: ‘Videos don’t lie’ – but they don’t come cheap, either 05/07/13

WKRC Local 12 > Wearable Cameras May Be Part of Police Officer’s Uniform 04/11/13

WXIX Fox 19 > Police chases strike debate in Cincinnati 09/21/12

City Beat > Investigation: Police Chase Violated Procedure 09/12/12

WLWT Channel 5 > Report: Officers didn’t follow policy in pursuit 09/11/12

Cincinnati Enquirer > Judge seals, erases case involving son of legal acquaintances 09/11/12

WCPO > Court upholds ruling: Tasers kill 03/27/12

Cincinnati Enquirer > City police routinely flout high-speed chase policies: Crashes and injuries occur here more than the national average 02/24/12

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officer involved ‘Bones’ shooting was sued for Taser incident 05/23/11

City Beat > Reflections on Riots & Race: A decade later, differing views persist on causes, aftermath 04/06/11

USA Today > 2001 riots led to top-down change for Cincinnati police 04/03/11

City Beat > Police Chief’s Horrid Reign Gets Whitewashed 03/23/11

City Beat > Taser Use Prompts Lawsuits: Some police use weapons on nonviolent suspects 01/04/11

Cincinnati Enquirer > Judge sends Cincinnati police detective to prison for false arrest 09/08/10

CNN > Police use head-mounted cameras to track incidents 04/19/10

CBS > Police Head Cameras Capture Action, Evidence 04/04/10

Cincinnati Enquirer > Mounted police unit in turmoil: Investigation details charges of cronyism, slurs, bullying 03/28/10

City Beat > Question Authority (editorial) 05/27/09

Cincinnati Enquirer > City manager wants police investigated 05/29/09

Cincinnati Enquirer > Mounted police controversy runs deep 05/23/09

City Beat > Bad Apples and Bad Attitudes at CPD 05/06/2009

City Beat > Officials Ignore Cincinnati Police Department’s Strife 04/22/09

City Beat > Finally, the Voters Prevail on Issue 5 02/04/09

City Beat > Blame Game: As city’s Collaborative Agreement nears end, the first police monitor recalls rocky start with city leaders in 2002 08/13/08

Cincinnati Enquirer > City overturns cop suspensions 03/21/08

Cincinnati Enquirer > Goof-off cops’ supervisor resigns 01/05/08

City Beat > Confronting the Real Crime Problem 08/29/07

City Beat > Police Chokeholds and Nonviolent Suspects 04/11/07

City Beat > Shocking Pattern: Citizen Complaint Authority urged to study police use of stun guns 04/04/07

City Beat > Cover Story: A Matter of Trust: Is the end of Cincinnati’s Collaborative Agreement over police reforms a success — or premature? 01/24/07

City Beat > Streicher Says We’re Safe, Philip Bates’ widow and children disagree 09/13/06

City Beat > Police Study: Morale Sucks 06/28/06

City Beat > Blind Faith, Blind Budgets 06/21/06

City Beat > Mysterious Police Goings-on 06/19/06

City Beat > OTR ‘Emergency’ Cops dispirited; residents might seek federal help 06/05/06

City Beat > More Gun Use by Police? FOP says Cincinnati officers might not bother with Tasers 11/12/05

City Beat > Smackdown for Streicher & Co. 03/30/05

City Beat > Police Give Monitors the VIP Treatment 12/29/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > Auditors, too, accuse cops of obstruction: Officers’ moonlighting practices under scrutiny 12/29/04

City Beat > Following the Money Leads to Probe of Police 11/24/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police board suggests discipline; Report: Officers hit Jones too long 08/03/04

Cincinnati Enquirer >  Special prosecutor charges former employees of state treasurer 07/28/04

City Beat > After the Shooting: Responding to use of force by police makes the difference 06/30/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > City loses Owensby decision: Federal judge: Police didn’t help dying man 05/22/04

Dateline NBC > Behind the death of Timothy Thomas 04/10/04

City Beat > ‘He Said, He Said’: Experts point to officer’s racial slur, but city won’t act 03/24/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > Reviewers can’t say race slur occurred 03/23/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > No indictments in Jones’ death: Prosecutor finds no crime by police officers 03/23/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > At the center of furor, officer sticks to routine: Butler supervising and patrolling despite accusation of slur 03/13/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > Judge says city must pay lawyers $550,000 02/28/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police cameras prone to error: Review panel say recorders turned off, fail 02/24/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > Subpoenaed reporter sheds little light on cops 02/04/04

Cincinnati Enquirer > Smitherman splits city in first weeks: Questioning annoys critics 01/26/04

City Beat > Tale of the Tape: Alleged police racial slur stirs investigation 01/14/04

City Beat > Protection Racket: Public housing security grant is a cash cow for cops 12/10/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Tasers could arrive next week: 200 will be ordered soon; training will start Friday 12/09/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police could get updated Tasers: Mayor floats plan to spend $1 million on shock devices 12/08/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Activists travel to city to lead anti-police rally 12/08/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Citizens group in some disarray: But it assures solid review of Jones case 12/06/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > FOP comment riles fire unit 12/06/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police wait to talk to investigators 12/05/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Streicher says tape violent, by book: Chief calls officers’ actions appropriate 12/05/03

CNN > Lawyer: Jones was trying to surrender 12/04/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > City Council members livid over release of information 12/04/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Crowd’s questions exceed answers 12/04/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Family says Jones was never violent: He spent much time helping grandmother 12/04/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Coroner: Struggle caused heart failure: Family to launch own investigation 12/04/03

CNN > Cincinnati police chief: ‘There are very valid questions’ 12/03/03

Maynard Institute > Beating Death Puts Cincinnati in Media Spotlight 12/03/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Questions outnumber answers in Jones case 12/03/03

Cincinnati Post > Coroner rules Cincinnati death a homicide 12/03/03

The Tavis Smiley Show > Calls Rise for Cincinnati’s Police Chief to Resign 12/02/03

Cincinnati Post > Jones Told Not to Resist 16 Times 12/02/03

Cincinnati Post > Police Showed Proper Restraint In the Scuffle, Experts Believe 12/02/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Beating case has drug link: Autopsy finds cocaine, PCP 12/02/03

CNN > Beating captured on police video 12/01/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Man dies after brawl with city police officers 12/01/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police wait to talk to investigators 12/05/03

City Beat > Anger in the Hood: Witnesses fault police in violent incident 10/15/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > 2 families get $3.1M for claims: Kin of shooting victims have most of cop-settlement pool 09/27/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Veteran police sergeant indicted: Cincinnati officer accused of falsifying pay records worth $2,2000 6/03/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > City settles 16 police suits for $4.5 million 05/22/03

City Beat > What’s Wrong With the Cincinnati Police? 04/16/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Monitor, Streicher at odds over pace: Chief suggests lawsuits to blame 04/02/03

The Tavis Smiley Show > Cincinnati Riots Update 03/05/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officer setting sights on Article XII: Awarded $320K after demotion 02/28/03

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police: Fatal shooting ‘reasonable’: Inquiry continues into fatal confrontation in Northside chase 02/10/03

City Beat > Police Deals: Cincinnati still wrangling over reform measures 12/26/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officers learn to fight low light 12/01/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officer interviews reveal details of Owensby arrest, death 10/18/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Lemmie orders action on cops in Owensby case. Reports: 8 involved to varying degrees in death 10/15/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Caton has faced slur complaints previously: Officer near top in citizen complaints 10/10/02

City Beat > Piling On: The more that comes out, the worse the Owensby case looks 10/03/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Report on police not conclusive: Outsider to study discipline discrepancies 09/12/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police discipline unequal: Records show blacks get more punishment 08/05/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Excessive force lawsuits lingering 07/23/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Settlements in wrongful death suits involving law enforcement 06/23/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officer admits lying in Jorg trial: Prosecutor says changed story is internal police matter 06/21/02

City Beat > Unsettled Feeling: If police reform deal holds, don’t expect fast change 05/30/02

New Yorker> A Year of Trouble: A city subverts itself 05/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > NAACP wants to join in deal: Group wasn’t part of lawsuit 04/19/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Boycott group, Cosby spurn Mayor Luken 04/19/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Timeline of Roach-Thomas case 03/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Racial, police, legal issues converge as anniversary nears 03/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Streicher’s statement 03/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Chief supported Roach early 03/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Different statements key in investigation 03/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police inquiry scorches Roach: He lied to investigators, report says 03/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Evendale leaders shrug at report 03/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Video showed officer lied 03/20/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > The biggest case in town is in her [Susan Dlott’s] court: Mediation on profiling is an effort to calm the storm 02/17/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Few officers prosecuted 01/27/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Beanbag shooting still unresolved: Justice Dept. dropped case over doubts it could convict 01/27/02

City Beat > Suing the Cops: Police violence issues move from the streets into the law offices 01/04/02

Cincinnati Enquirer > Prologue to turmoil: ‘A very tense time’ Anger – much of it focused on police – intensifies among the city’s African-Americans 12/31/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Summer of blood: Guns rule the streets. As police back away, criminals get bold and killings become common 12/30/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > 2001: A timeline 12/30/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > The trigger: Shooting ‘ignites furious response’ 12/30/01

Cincinnati Enquirer >  Tests of justice: Officers acquitted 12/30/01

City Beat > Police Reform 12/20/01

City Beat > News: Bad Faith Council censors TV, then tells collaborative to back off 12/13/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Bark or bite? Feds push for gentler use of police dogs 12/09/01

City Beat > Some Showdown: Luken and Cranley back down on police reform 11/29/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police meeting to discuss trust: Session to bring debate in open 11/13/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Jurors weigh verdict on Jorg: Officer awaits ruling in death of arrested man 10/30/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Witness describes Owensby arrest 10/30/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police discipline inconsistent: Sanctions most likely to be reduced  10/21/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officers’ trial hinges on moments: Two policemen charged in death of Owensby 10/21/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police back judge’s ruling 09/28/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Verdict to violence, hour by hour 09/28/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Editorial: Victim’s point of view part of justice, too 09/27/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Experts’ opinions sealed verdict: Made decision to acquit ‘easier’ 09/27/01

Cincinnati Post > Professor: Investigator Coached Roach 09/21/01

Cincinnati Post > Police Investigator Grilled Admits steering officer’s account 09/20/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Two interviews, two versions examined in court: Officer first said he thought Thomas was armed 09/20/01

Cincinnati Post > Detective: Roach Lied About Shooting 09/19/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Public will soon hear story behind shooting: Trial is set to start Monday in confrontation that launched riots 09/16/01

City Beat > News: The Chief Problem: New Leadership Needed for a Violent Police Force 08/30/01

Revolutionary Worker > Cincinnati’s Cops Kill Again: The Police Shooting of Ricky Moore 08/12/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officer under fire kills man; city remains calm ‘Mama, … I want the police to kill me.’ 07/28/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Spiral of mental illness led to death: Moore’s family describes his years of anguish 07/28/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Haas’ record shows praise, discipline 07/28/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police review themselves when citizens complain: Officers exonerated on 90% of minor issues 07/08/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officer training adds simulator: Video system adapts for situations 06/20/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police data scattered, error-filled: System can miss problems of bad behavior 06/10/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police creating new system 06/10/01

City Beat > Will Police Again Fire on Peaceful Protesters? 05/31/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > City could learn from Pittsburgh experience: Investigation of Cincinnati’s police might bring conflict with change 05/25/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police altered policy on force: Projectiles given OK to prevent riots, judge told 05/25/01

City Beat > A Police Rampage When cops are the aggressors, who is rioting? 05/10/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police chief backs officers who fired beanbags 05/02/01

Jet > Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Teen by Police Sparks Rioting in Cincinnati, OH 04/30/01

Socialist Worker > Rebellion in Cincinnati 04/27/2001

Cincinnati Enquirer > Riots affected suit, lawyer says: Settlement said due to anti-police fears 04/25/2001

Cincinnati Enquirer > Violence could spread elsewhere, Lawson warns 04/19/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > State trooper also fired beanbag shotgun 04/19/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Tape: After chase, a 30-second silence 04/19/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Top cops under review in beanbag shooting. Witnesses: SWAT officers fired without warning, provocation 04/18/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Previous race reports ignored: This one will be different, Mayor Luken says 04/17/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Report promised soon on beanbag firings at crowd 04/17/01

CNN > Cincinnati addresses police reform after riots 04/17/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Search for solutions begins Council will let citizens speak out Tuesday 04/16/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Bean-bag shooting unprovoked, says ex-cop, now city official: Human relations director saw incident 04/16/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Sharpton: Police need federal-level oversight 04/16/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Heads of NAACP, police union clash on talk show 04/16/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Civility turned to anarchy: How it happened 04/16/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Shooting set off tinderbox of old troubles 04/15/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Teacher hospitalized after beanbag shooting: FBI, police investigating if officers overreacted 04/15/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Stories of 15 black men killed by police since 1995 04/15/01

Salon > Cincinnati’s Killer Cops 04/14/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Violence worsens, spreads: Officer shot at, saved by belt buckle; Mayor says National Guard may be needed 04/12/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police, fire chief selection questioned: Some council members no longer trust system 04/10/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Angry crowd demands answers: Tear gas ends demonstration at police station; Protesters charge cover-up in latest fatal shooting 04/10/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Details of shooting put under wraps 04/10/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Timeline of chase, shooting 04/10/01

WKRC > [Report on Civil Unrest] 04/10/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Suit claims 30 years of bias by city police: ACLU, activists seek mediation, end to hostility 03/15/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officials ponder how to measure racial profiling 02/18/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Investigations continue in 7 profiling complaints 02/18/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > 2 officers indicted in Owensby death 01/04/01

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police chief stresses integrity: Criticism comes with the top job, Streicher believes 12/11/00

Cincinnati Enquirer > Review panel blasts police shooting probes. Citizens: Investigations poorly done 10/07/00

Cincinnati Enquirer > Final review due in shooting: Others found officer justified 10/05/00

Cincinnati Enquirer > Transsexual cop sues city 09/19/00

Cincinnati Enquirer > Officer broke with procedure, police say 09/02/00

Cincinnati Enquirer > Grief pours forth, questions linger: Officer, 12-year-boy kill each other 09/02/00

City Beat > Installing all cars: After more than one year of testing, video cameras are coming to Cincinnati police Cruisers 06/22/00

Cincinnati Enquirer > Good cop, bad cop – or both? …Who is Officer Daniel Carder? 05/21/00

Cincinnati Enquirer > 3 saw cop shoot – but not same way: 1998 incident under review by citizen panel 05/16/00

Cincinnati Enquirer > Shooting cars: a dangerous tactic: Many forces ban practice that can create out-of-control vehicle 12/20/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Oversight, discipline erratic in police shootings 12/19/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Shots fired: The cases 12/19/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > A mistaken shot in the dark: Officer fired at sleeping man 12/19/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Prosecutor: Cop led ‘double life’: Allegations include drugs, threats to kill 10/09/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police adopt new rules on shooting at vehicles: FOP calls policy danger to officers 10/08/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Sentinels recommend improvements for officers: Minority police group seeks more training for all 10/05/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police supervisor accused in shootings: Plaintiffs’ lawyer says coverup tried 09/17/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police consider shooting revision: Proposal would ban shots at cars 08/05/99

City Beat > ‘Insulted by the Thought’: Cincinnati Police Supervisors say job performance, not bisexuality, led to officer’s demotion 07/27/99

City Beat > Leading the Heat: FOP President Keith Fangman vows to defend police loudly — even if it means hot times and more enemies 06/17/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > FOP has ‘no confidence’ in Shirey: Vote after officers taken off street duty 04/29/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police review unit told to be watchdog: New chief begins making changes 04/29/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Woman sees similarities in Carpenter shooting 04/09/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police: Man killed by cops acted suspiciously; Family wants more details 03/23/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Suit over shooting to go forward: Judge won’t dismiss action against police 03/20/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Man fatally shot by police: Struggle followed traffic stop 03/20/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Driver says cop didn’t have to draw weapon 03/04/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > New chief a stay-the-course choice: Streicher has desk, street experience 03/04/99

Cincinnati Enquirer > Arrest video raises dispute on cop’s conduct 11/12/98

Cincinnati Enquirer > Reviews clear police in Collins shooting 07/01/97

Cincinnati Enquirer > Independent watchdog has little bite 06/23/97

Cincinnati Enquirer > Erring officers punished lightly 06/23/97

Cincinnati Enquirer > Case stories 06/23/97

Cincinnati Enquirer > Small price for death and deep wounds 06/23/97

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police suits settled cheaply 06/23/97

Cincinnati Enquirer > Police probing police absolve themselves 06/22/97

Policing in Cincinnati Ohio: Official Policy vs. Civilian Reality
study by the Ohio Advisory Committee, 1981

 September 5th, 2012