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Hebert v. Mitchell



Homicide Investigation Report

Direct download, with bookmarks: [ pdf ]

Homicide Incident Report

Homicide Incident Report

Officer Statements

A table of officer testimony about key points, excerpted from the full interview transcripts found in the Homicide Investigation Report above.

Officer Interview Audio

The interview transcripts in the homicide report include numerous inaccuracies. These are the original audio recordings.

Evidence Forms

A table of homicide file evidence records. Opens in a new window.

Cruiser Cameras and Dispatch Notes

Timelines of the audio-visual record. Opens in a new window.

Coroner’s Investigatory Log

Internal Investigation Report

Direct download: [ pdf ]

Firearms Discharge Board Review

Direct download: [ pdf ]

Citizen Complaint Authority


Cincinnati Enquirer DocumentCloud

Annotated Firearms Discharge Board and Citizen Complaint Authority reports.

Final report by CPD Firearms Discharge Board on Hebert shooting

Final report by Citizen Complaint Authority on Hebert shooting


Sergeant Andrew C. Mitchell

Bauer Excessive Force

Bauer v. Mitchell

Public Records

An archive of documents made public before the completion of the Homicide Investigation, including background on the Bauer tasing and Cincinnati Police Department culture.

 March 26th, 2012