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Police Body Cameras

Body worn cameras have come to Cincinnati police. We support the ACLU recommendation that the cameras be universally deployed and always on.

Support for this technology is broad-based, yet there is an ongoing need for responsible political leadership from City Council. The technology will be nothing but an expensive gimmick if political leadership does not insist on civil oversight and accountability.

Cincinnati began testing on-body cameras under Chief Streicher nearly five years ago. Building on the success of the Collaborative Agreement, Streicher and his former adversary, ACLU lawyer Scott Greenwood have partnered to lead a now international call for body-worn police cameras. Streicher exhorted a local law-enforcement seminar that “Identifying, collecting and preserving the best evidence about every encounter between the police officer and the community is a duty. It’s an ethical, legal and moral responsibility. You can’t afford not to have it.” They point to millions in potential savings in civil litigation and police overtime costs. The first controlled study has already demonstrated an 88% drop in citizen complaints and a 60% reduction in police use of force the first year after the cameras’ deployment in Rialto California. A record of police interactions can put all parties on their best behavior and prevent frivolous or false complaints.

Still, Arizona State University criminologist Michael White, noting the lack of hard evidence in a literature review for the Department of Justice, cautioned that ”most of the claims made about the technology are untested.” Cambridge criminologist Barak Ariel, co-author of the much-hyped but small Rialto study, notes the jury is still out on the cameras’ empirical effectiveness. The mechanism of deterrence on police or civilian behavior has not fully understood. Indeed, this deterrence may be entirely asymmetrical in practice, chilling citizen behavior without combatting police misconduct. ACLU Senior Policy Analyst Jay Stanley explains that police control of the cameras undermines any potential they have for civil oversight. Police shootings in Albuquerque have continued to climb despite the introduction of the cameras in 2012. Policies are violated and cameras are simply turned off or broken in critical incidents there and in cities like New Orleans, Salt Lake City and Oakland.

Our confidence in the police investigations of David Hebert’s killing was undermined by numerous improprieties, irregularities, and mischaracterizations of evidence. Among these was the lack of recorded evidence. When Bones was shot, six different cruiser cameras began recording video. With the exception of Lt. Milek, all officers deliberately turned their cameras off as soon as possible, to avoid recording the crime scene. Without explanation, audio was missing from half of the video recordings, precisely the three with microphones within range of the involved officers, Mitchell and their immediate supervisors: those of Dawson, Kneller and Milek. Officers are required to check recording equipment and report malfunctions at the start of every shift. Yet there was no discipline for this breach of procedure and Lt. Matzen of the Police Records Unit later explained that no record is kept of “malfunctioning” recording equipment. A request for the daily activity logs of involved officers and maintenance records of the affected vehicles has gone unfulfilled for over two years.

Controversial Officer Orlando Smith is the poster child for body cameras.

Controversial Officer Orlando Smith is the poster child for body cameras.

The use of audio and video recording for civil oversight of police has always been frustrated in Cincinnati. The Collaborative Agreement has not improved this situation. One example is Officer Orlando Smith’s suspiciously “malfunctioning” camera in two critical incidents. Chief Blackwell promised to send the camera to the FBI for forensic investigation, but a public records request by Friends of Bones returned no evidence of any communication with outside agencies on the subject. Long-serving Lieutenant Steve Kramer, former major fraud investigations commander and current president of the Police Historical Society, confessed “I, along with every cop that ever had one in his car, have tried to figure out how to tamper with them”. Kramer’s rhetorical point was that the cameras were supposedly tamperproof, but his criminal admission is a damning indictment of CPD culture. Recent microphone sabotage scandals are proof of concept. Last year in Los Angeles, Southeastern Division officers deliberately broke off 72 of 160 antennae in order to cripple the microphones’ transmission range. In Chicago over 80% of the 850 cruiser cameras in use have non-functioning audio, in part due to “intentional destruction.” What Cincinnati police need more than anything is tamperproof technology.

Chief Blackwell was right to note that the technology is in itself no panacea; it’s only as good as the police operating it. To deliver on its promise as an accountability tool, it will require strict policies backed by consequential discipline and strong leadership. Blackwell has repeatedly declared his department to one of “truth-telling and transparency.” Yet in his December 8, 2014 report to the Law and Public Safety Committee, the former chief made it clear that there will be missing video as a matter of policy and that “officer safety” will be an available excuse for leaving the cameras off:

I don’t want my officers to divert their attention from being safe, even for a millisecond, to turn a camera on. And so there will be times when the camera may not be on. There will be times when it won’t actually capture the data that people think they want to see, the video they want to see.

This policy pronouncement signals to officers that circumvention of civil oversight will be tolerated and even encouraged. This is unacceptable. Successful implementation of this technology as an accountability tool necessitates that cameras be always-on and out of the control of officers. Friends of Bones strongly endorses the ALCU’s policy recommendations. Privacy concerns should be addressed through common sense retention and consent policies and an independent body like the Citizen Complain Authority should control the recordings. In the words of former Chief Streicher, who began the body camera program, “The officer who doesn’t want to be recorded is the first officer you put the camera on.”


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StateScoop 11/10/2015 > Police endanger civil rights with body camera policies, report says

City of Orlando 11/09/2015 > OPD/USF Body Camera Study Complete

Associated Press 11/06/2015 > U.S. Border Patrol Staff Reject Body Cameras

Los Angeles Times 11/06/2015 > Should Border Patrol require body cameras? Internal review says no

Baltimore Sun 11/03/2015 > Baltimore police officers begin wearing body cameras

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City Paper 10/27/2015 > After scrutiny, Baltimore Police Department releases body-camera policy

Baltimore Sun 10/27/2015 > Document: Baltimore Police Department’s body worn camera policy

City Paper 10/26/2015 > BPD touts body-camera pilot program, full list of guidelines not released

Baltimore Sun 10/26/2015 > Baltimore police officers begin wearing body cameras

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Tampa Bay Times 10/12/2015 > University of South Florida study: body cameras help police do their jobs better

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Atlantic 10/10/2015 > Many Police Departments Have Dismal Body-Camera Laws

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Washington Post 10/09/2015 > A body cam caught a Cleveland cop acting heroically. So why are cops afraid of them?

Washington Post 10/08/2015 > Of 138 bills, only eight provide a pathway to police body cameras

Washington Post 10/08/2015 > Police withhold videos despite vows of transparency

Washington Post 10/08/2015 > Fatal Police Shootings Captured By Body Cameras, 2015

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American Bar Association 08/01/2015 > ABA Task Force on Law Enforcement Body Camera to establish best practices, address individual liberties

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Journal-News 9/19/2014 > Seeing is believing in police-citizen encounters Body camera producer says devices guard evidence ‘from the chest to the courtroom.’

Police ONE 09/17/2014 > Video: Ohio standoff ends in fatal shooting of suicidal man

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WVXU 09/16/2014 > Body cam appears to corroborate Cincinnati Police shooting story

Cincinnati Enquirer 09/15/2014 > Police ‘fired enough to stop the threat,’ killing man

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Pasadena Star-News 04/09/2014 > LAPD commissioner asks for report on antenna tampering

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Washington Post 04/09/2014 > LAPD audio-recording saga provides another argument for the ‘Missing Video Presumption’

Los Angeles Times 04/08/2014 > LAPD disconnect isn’t good for police or the public 

Los Angeles Times 04/08/2014 > Panel to question LAPD on tampering of officers’ recording gear 

Los Angeles Times 04/08/2014 > Police Commission calls for public airing of LAPD tampering case 

Los Angeles Times 04/08/2014 > LAPD officers tampered with equipment that recorded them on patrol

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KOAT Albuquerque 04/08/2014 > Las Vegas’ DOJ probe very similar to Albuquerque: Sheriff in Las Vegas called in DOJ investigation voluntarily

SFGate 04/08/2014 > S.F. supervisor calls for hearing on police cameras

The Daytona Beach News-Journal 04/08/2014 > Fund transfer from Palm Coast to Sheriff’s Office will lead to more body cameras

The Daytona Beach News-Journal 04/08/2014 > Daytona Beach police: Jermaine Green to officers ‘I’ll kill her’

Los Angeles Times 04/07/2014 > LAPD officers tampered with in-car recording equipment, records show

Albuquerque Journal 04/07/2014 > DOJ to present findings Thursday; City Council meeting on APD’s use of force underway

Reason 04/04/2014 > Reason-Rupe Poll: Half of Americans Think Cops Not Held Accountable

WWLTV New Orleans 04/03/2014 > NOPD officers to start wearing body cameras in next few weeks

KOB4 Albuquerque 04/02/2014 > ACLU wants better use of lapel cams by police 

New Orleans Advocate 04/02/2014 > Body cameras to record all NOPD public interactions

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Photography is not a Crime 03/25/2014 > A Study in Contrasts Between Rialto Police and Albuquerque Police in Regards to Body-Mounted Cameras

Orlando Sentinel 03/25/2014 > Slain Windermere Officer German’s camera was off when he met suspects, cops say

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5 Eyewitness News Minneapolis 03/23/2014 > Mpls. Police Body Cameras Could Hit Streets Soon

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KPTM Fox 42 News Ohama 03/03/2014 > City Council Looks In To Body Cameras For Police Officers 

Ben Swann 03/01/2014 > Police Use Of Force Drops 60% When Officers Required To Wear Video Cameras

CBS 4 Denver 03/10/2014 > Denver Police To Get Body Cameras

Land Line 02/28/2014 > New Jersey lawmaker renews police-cam push

New York Daily News 02/25/2014 > Police dash cam video exonerates New Jersey man, leads to indictment of cops 

WABC New York 02/21/2014 > Exclusive: Dashcam video clears NJ man 

Marin Independent Journal 02/20/2014 > Marin watchdog urges police agencies to buy body-worn cameras

Daily Republic 02/19/2014 > Fairfield police add body-worn video cameras

National Post 02/18/2014 > Matt Gurney: Lapel cameras for Toronto cops is good news for everyone

Time Magazine 02/17/2014 > Police Eye Google Glass as Surveillance Tool

Southern California Public Radio 02/04/2014 > LAPD body cameras: 90-day test seeks to answer key questions to create new policy

Sun Sentinel 02/04/2014 > Cops testing body cams in Hallandale: Body-mounted police cameras to capture encounters with the public

Collegian Central 01/31/2014 > Fort Collins Police Body Cameras

Daytona Beach News-Journal 01/28/2014 > Police technology ‘future’ here today with body cameras

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NewsWest 9 01/27/2014 > Body Cameras Could Be on the Way to Midland Police Department

Permian Basin 360 01/27/2014 > Midland Police Applies for Grant to Buy Body Cameras

Manteca Bulletin 01/25/2014 > Smile! You’re on police body cam: Manteca officers will start wearing cameras on uniform

The Gleaner 01/24/2014 > Third Eye Not Enough – INDECOM Boss Says Body Camera Insufficient To Boost Public Trust

NBC 4 Washington 01/24/2014 > Lanier: D.C. Cops Will Soon Wear On-Body Cameras

Minnesota Daily 01/23/2014 > MPD to test body cameras

SF Gate 01/23/2014 > S.F. police seek cameras to capture whole picture

Sun Sentinel 01/22/2014 > Police body cameras could lead to unintended developments Hit & Run Blog 01/17/2014 > Los Angeles Police Testing On-Body Cameras – Hooray!

Southern California Public Radio 01/16/2014 > 30 LAPD officers begin testing body cameras on patrol

CBS Los Angeles 01/15/2014 > Los Angeles Police Department officers begin wearing body cameras

Omaha World Herald 01/10/2013 > 6th Omaha police officer loses job over 33rd, Seward Street arrests

The Independent 01/09/2014 > Mark Duggan inquest: Armed police will wear video cameras

BBC 01/09/2014 > Mark Duggan death: Armed police to wear video cameras

Techdirt 01/08/2014 > Internal Affairs Divisions Dismissing 99% Of Misconduct Cases Against New Jersey Police Officers

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Salt Lake Tribune 01/02/2014 > Use of body cameras is spreading among Utah police

MinnPost 01/02/2014 > Police departments in Minnesota focus in on body cameras

Columbus Dispatch 12/13/2013 > Cameras becoming part of police’s uniform

Post-Crescent 12/05/2013 > Police turn to body cameras to record interactions with suspects

Star Tribune Minneapolis 12/05/2013 > Body cameras for cops, housing fund make budget cut in Minneapolis

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Standard Examiner 12/03/2013 > Body cameras mandatory for Perry police officers

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The Philadelphia Inquirer 11/25/2013 > A.C. police could soon carry miniature video cameras

3 WRCB Chattanooga 11/25/13 > Georgia Police to start wearing body cams

San Francisco Chronicle 11/21/2013 > S.F. police seek cameras to capture whole picture 11/21/2013 > Brutal brawl with SF police prompts chief to talk body cams

Press of Atlantic City 11/21/2013 > Police body cameras / Promising tech

2 KUTV 11/20/2013 > Park City Police Issued Body Cameras

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NBC Bay Area 11/19/2013 > Palo Alto City Council Approves Body-Mounted Cameras

5 NBC DFW 11/19/2013 > Watch Fort Worth Police’s Body Cameras in Action

Las Vegas Sun 11/18/2013 > Police union threatens legal action over Metro’s decision to test body-mounted cameras

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The Telegraph 11/17/2013 > Police body cameras would be ‘distressing’ for public

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WCPO 11/14/13 > Orlando Smith: Natalie Cole’s attorney says he will sue Cincinnati cop over crash, missing video

WXIX Fox 19  11/14/13 > Police cameras at center of looming lawsuit

KWTX > 11/13/2013 > Bellmead: Police Dept. To Buy 14 New Body Cameras

WXIX Fox 19  11/13/13 > Dash cams shutting down on cruisers across Cincinnati

WLWT News 5  11/12/13 > Forensic analysis to be done on police cruiser that hit woman in OTR

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